Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kingston, Ontario

Well. I'm here. I haven't had internet access all the time, and there are lots of things to do.

I've found an apartment for me and my family. I've met some people, and got a social insurance number, and a health insurance, and a cell phone, and keys to the department and my temporary office.

We have started to check out the book stores. We have found out where gamers hang out. I have read a strange novel I want to review when I'm not so tired.

And the Worldcon 2009 will be in Montreal. Maybe I should stay for another year? Too early to decide yet -- but I confess that it would be fun to be here for the Canadian Worldcon. We simply don't have a convention centre that can be used for something like that in Sweden, so I doubt that the Worldcon will ever be in Scandinavia (but I hear that the Swedish-Norwegian parties have a good reputation at the Worldcon!).


Elliot said...

Welcome to Canada! Glad to hear that you and yours are settling in. Be sure to post about any weird things about Canada that us locals don't notice. :-)

Åka said...

You can be sure I will! I already have a list, it will be cleaned up and appear in public RSN...