Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fearless Fantasy

I've been trying to visit all of the bookstores I've found so far. In one of them there was a sign posted on the counter that said that there was a fantasy book group meeting at the library. I asked the girl in the store -- it seems to be her initiative. Great!

Yesterday I was at my first meeting with this group. It's not big, only five persons including me. They seem to know nothing about fandom, but they are exactly the right reader types. I know (proto)fans when I see them. I found them! I already feel much more at home in Kingston. There are some people to discuss books with (and I might try to force them to read my fanzines).

For next time we are going to read A Wrinkle in Time, a book people have been talking about since the author passed away recently. A good thing about books for children is that they are usually quick reads -- so I'll have time for more books!

I informed the others about the Judith Merrill collection in Toronto and about the Worldcon in Montreal 2009. Nice to be able to contribute with interesting information. Fandom is a great network for resources of the fantastic (fandom actually is the Resource -- without it, no Worldcon).


Johan A said...

It didn't take you long to start recruiting for fandom! :)

I shall be extremely interested in learning what you think of _A Wrinkle in Time_.

Elliot said...

I shall also be interested to hear what you think of it! At least in Christian circles in North America, L'Engle is considered the successor to JRR Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. She's much-loved.

Andreas Björklind said...

FIAWOL, Åka! ;)

You all got me very interested now, and accordingly I just ordered my own copy of the Wrinkle.

I tried to find information about any Swedish translations planned for her books, but couldn't find anything. Do the rest of you know anything about this? Just OOP or never translated/published in Sweden?

Åka said...

Andreas: I don't know anything about any Swedish translations, except what I found on Wikipedia (three of her books were translated, nothing later than 1988).

Andreas Björklind said...

Thanks Åka. It looks like the Swedish translations indeed are out-of-print. I managed to track down four copies (!) of "A Wrinkle" here at our library.