Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steampunk -- again

Steampunk Magazine had already been mentioned a couple of times on this blog. I printed out the latest ish (#2) several weeks ago, but haven't read more than snippets of it until now. There is a long article by Cory Gross (seems to be an interesting person) which is an excellent history of steampunk in film, literature and popular culture. Just the kind of well researched article I always try to write, and therefore get lost in endless reading of books and articles and seldom finish. The kind of article that John-Henri Holmberg might write (and does), if you know this Swedish science fiction guru.

What I want to say is: read this, if you're not reading anything else in Steampunk Magazine. It starts on page 54, and the pdf can be downloaded here.

A full review of this issue of Steampunk Magazine will come in my little fanzine in English. And if you're tired of all my promises of fanzines which never appear, I can assure you that this is a quick and simple fanzine -- no bells and whistles, translated articles or colour pages, just text. It will actually be ready before the second tuesday in October, if nothing really serious comes in my way.

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