Thursday, June 7, 2007

What is fandom anyway?

I wanted to post at least something here every day, but I haven't really made it. I also notice that my English is better some days, and when I'm busy with other things the text that comes up here is probably a bit strange. Exams! (But next weekend it will all be over, I hope.)

Well, Anactoria asked me what this fandom thing I'm talking about all the time is all about. Fans of what? Short answer: science fiction in the broad sense, including all varieties of fantastic literature (fantasy, horror and related stuff) and perhaps also film, tv and comics.

But fandom is not defined as all people interested in the fantastic. Fandom is a network of people, with its own culture and history. Some care a lot about fandom itself, some don't. I do. Some days I'm much more a science fiction fan interested in physics than a physicist interested in science fiction.

For a nice introduction to the history and culture of this particular fandom variety (since it's the oldest kind under this label its usually called just "fandom" and nothing more), take a look at Information for Those New to Fandom at this site for Canadian SF/F.

I'm still interested in getting in touch with more fans in Canada, by the way.


Anactoria said...

Thanks for the response! And for the link! I'm going to check it out! :)

I'm definitely a sci-fi fan... just not involved in the organized fandom aspect of it, I guess.

At least, not *yet*...

Although I did attend the Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince release party at our local bookstore... And dressed up as Harry for Halloween... Does that count? Hmm. No, that's probably more fantasy then sci-fi. And HP has become so mainstream...

(Oops, did I just reveal my latent ultra-geekiness... :P)

Anactoria said...

Oh, whoops again - I just noticed you said fandom - in the sense you're talking - encompasses sci-fi *and* fantasy.

Well, I'm in then. :)