Friday, May 18, 2007

Fan activity

One of the ideas with this blog was to communicate with fans and fandom outside Sweden. I'm not up to speed yet, but now I've decided to try to update at least once per day for two weeks just to get it going. Every day I will also add at least one link to the side bar.

I will have to make some excursions into the LJ swamp sooner or later, I guess. I've tried to avoid it, but I know that LiveJournal is where a lot of fans hang out.

Hopefully there will be a GUFF losers fanzine -- I'm writing for it now and I know that Johan wanted to do that as well.

Right now many of my friends are at Åcon, and I'm not there! Åcon is a small literary sf convention on Åland (a group of islands between Sweden and Finland in the Baltic sea) with Hal Duncan as guest of honour.

Well, well. At least I got a pub meeting this week. Farah Mendlesohn (not easy to spell!) visited Uppsala (and so did John Clute and Edward James). I was travelling and couldn't hear Farah's lectures at the department of literature, but I came back in time to meet Farah and Edward and some fans (and some people from the department) at William's the pub where we use to meet.

This was really nice, the best things about fandom: talk about interesting and unexpected things, talk about books (I love that), meet and make friends.


Anactoria said...

Fans, fandom, fancons... but fans of what in particular? Sci-fi? Fantasy?

I'm trying to figure out if I fit into the category... :)

Åka said...

Yes, in my world (called "Annien" by the way :-) fandom is the unorganised living continuation of the original science fiction fandom. You belong to this loose network if you go to fan-run conventions, read or produce fanzines (which are distributed among people who know the fanzine-fandom tradition or want to learn), belong to a club associated with this fandom, or just hang out (IRL or onliine) with people who consider themselves fans in this sense.