Friday, June 8, 2007

Conventional Wokka

At my first Eastercon, ReConvene in Liverpool 1999, i tried to explain my nick name to a dutch man. Åka is not so easy for non-scandinavians (its pronounced almost like "orca"). He tried to spell it, and wrote it like "wokka". I found it cute, and started using that spelling online.

I like conventions -- no surprise for those who read this blog (if anyone does, I haven't dared to install a counter).

Today is the first day of Convergence 2, this year's Australian National Science Fiction Convention. If I had won the GUFF race I would be there now. I'm not sorry for that, but I'm sorry that we didn't have time to finish the Scandinavian GUFF-losers fanzine in time for the convention. Well, it comes RSN...

Next weekend I will miss the yearly Swedish Swecon, this time called Conviction, with Richard Morgan and John Ajvide Lindqvist (a Swedish horror author) as guests of honour. I cannot go, because I need to defend my thesis (and then there is a family gathering on the Saturday).

And I missed Åcon (I recommend these comments by one of the organizers!).

So. I'm convention-starved! I want to go to a science fiction convention! At least there was our monthly sf pub meeting this week (always the first tuesday of the month).

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Tero said...

July 14–15

Ellen Datlow - Joe Haldeman - Gay Haldeman - Elizabeth Hand - Cheryl Morgan - John Clute - Judith Clute

And you can miss a lot of programming [1] by doing the fannish thing and hanging around in the bar, chatting with nice Finnish fen.