Saturday, June 9, 2007

The owls are not what they seem

Just outside the Ångström lab, where my department is, there is a small patch of forest called Kronparken. It actually continues on the other side of the big road, but i seldom go there. Between the lab and the road they keep sheep in the summer, and there are lots of song birds. There is also wild blueberries and rasberries in late summer, and wood anemones and other flowers in spring. I take a short walk there almost every day.

I just went out for some fresh air. (Yes, I'm working on Saturday night. Because I took the morning off.) We have had hot and sunny weather for a week, and the evenings are wonderful.

Now in a small tree close to the path I saw four owls! They looked very calm, and one of them scratched itself in a way that made it look a little like a monkey. I think they were tawny owls, they are the most common owls in Sweden. Wow! It must be ten years since I was so close to an owl the last time!

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