Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ah, Antarctica...

Yesterday was a day that reminded me of Antarctica. Cosmic Variance had a guest post about IceCube (the kilometer-cubed neutrino detector!) and about working in Antarctica. Almost simultaneously, Mike Brotherton linked to an article about doing astronomy in the whitest place on Earth.

If I'm going to dance my PhD thesis I'll just have to include penguins! (Yes, I did my PhD on AMANDA, which is now a sub-detector in IceCube.)

The winter here in Ontario is white, too. But not very cold, at least not here in the south. (Everyone warned me that the winter was going to be colder than I'm used to. Ha! I haven't even used my warmest clothes. We have had three cold days so far -- and by cold I mean minus 20 during daytime.)

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