Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random notes

Janna Levin is someone else without answers to how to find time for writing:

I imagine that full-time research and teaching at a university doesn't leave much time for much else - how do you fit in your writing?

I have no idea. I'm open to advice.

I haven't figured out a smooth method. For long stretches I write as though that's all there is and then I research for long stretches as though that's all there is. And I teach. And I have two babies. Open to advice.

But she published two books, so I guess it works. I guess this is reality.

I can name several scientists, some of them pursuing academic careers, who also write novels. (I'm not sure if Janna Levin knows anything about science fiction, because she seems to think that she's more or less the only one -- at least she doesn't mention that it happens.)

And speaking of science fiction: I'm sure it's great fun to be able to teach a course where you can discuss things like the implications of sex and androids. This is staple food of sf, nothing new or special, but fun as a discussion tool. Why not base a whole course on discussion of possible future technologies and the implications for society? I would want to take a course like that!

I'm travelling too much now. After this week I might be back online ;-)

Update: I found a Book about love and sex with robots. Nonfiction. People write books about everything.

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