Saturday, November 24, 2007

Communication frustration: time?

How do people find the time to blog? I always have ideas about things I want to write, for one of my blogs (there is the one in Swedish for example) or for a fanzine, or just letters. I always carry a little notebook, where I fill pages with notes about interesting things I want to think about later. There are also times I start writing a blog post, save it as a draft and think that I will finish it another time.

Maybe I'm just not managing my time very well. Work, travel, parenting... I'm not sure how I could organise it any other way than I do. There are people with kids and with full time jobs who blog every day, but I have no idea how they do it.

Benjamin Rosenbaum wrote: "Still, writing time is there to be had if I want it, mostly before 9 am, in a cafe on my way to work." I tried this, but it doesn't work very well for me. It's really difficult to get out of the house even 20 minutes earlier than usual, and mostly I would need much more time than this to really think about something. I also find it difficult to shift focus to my actual work if I warm up my brain with thinking about something else.

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Tero said...

“How do people find the time to blog?”

With great difficulty. I’ve found the same thing you mentioned happens to me too — having lots of ideas to write about, and some drafts even, but way fewer actual posts. I’ve decided not to fret about it, though — blogging is just a hobby, and I don’t strive to perfection. Sometimes I’ve skipped a longer report in favor of just a couple of photos, for example (and saved the longer one for my fanzine, sometimes), or just left stuff out. Otherwise, it would become a burden sooner than later, I think.

Also, in these days of RSS feeds and such, I don’t think blogging daily is necessary to keep people returning to the blog. Me, I actually prefer blogs that have a new post only when there is something to post about; the ones that have a post (or several) every day, but something that really interests me only once a week, for example, tend to get dropped from the reading list.