Friday, July 6, 2007

Going abroad

OK. I haven't updated for a while. There are other things on my mind, and I also need to visit all relatives before leaving the country for a year. I submitted my work permit the week before last, and hope that it's only a matter of shuffling it through the standard treatment. This means that I'm planning on leaving Uppsala at the end of August.

I'm also writing things. I still hope there will be a Swedish GUFF losers fanzine, and I'm working on my own Landet Annien (available only in Swedish). And some sciency stuff as well.

I made some initial investigations into fandom in Canada. We'll se what I can find.

One thing that I certainly intend to do when I'm on the right continent is to go to Readercon next summer (July 17-20, 2008). I've heard so much good about it, I think I'll feel at home!

Today I went to see a play by the local Harry Potter fans, Uppsala Slug Club. It was nice!

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Anactoria said...

Whoa! Readercon looks neat!
[goes to check it out]