Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lazy fan

I haven't nominated for the Hugo awards. (I know I should, but I'm not reading enough to feel that I know what I should nominate...)

I haven't written a LoC in months. A fanzine is coming soon (in Swedish), extremely late as usual.

I'm very much behind on the correspondence for the planning of the Worldcon science and technology programme. (Unfortunately I cannot sign up to participate as a panelist myself, since I'm afraid that will be stressful for us with a two month old baby.)

But I'm going to the Ad Astra convention in Toronto in a month. And I think I'm going to give a talk on dark matter there (I only have a half confirmation). And last week I did hold an information night about the Worldcon, and maybe inspired some people to go!

Fanac cannot always have high priority, but sometimes I'll do some things. And tonight I will meet with the Fearless Fantasy Fans, to look at some boxes of books we got donated to us. There are some goodies there!

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