Saturday, March 8, 2008

My schedule at Ad Astra

Just in case someone who reads this blog is going to Ad Astra, I'll post my appearances in the program here. And also, of course, because Important People usually do that, and I want to be like them ;-)

Bad Science in the Movies (Sat 1:00 PM) Exactly what you would think. I don't think it's necessary to fight against or be angry at bad science on the silver screen, but it's fun as a starting point for thinking about how things really work.

Team Banzai (Sat 3:00 PM) Scientists get questions from the audience. If we can answer them, they will learn something, and if we cannot, we will learn something.

Through Rose-Tinted Goggles (Sun 12:00 PM) I will moderate a panel about the roots of steampunk.

Looking for a Few Good Fen (Sun 2:00 PM) How to make people feel like members and help make a convention work, instead of just buying a ticket and expect to be entertained. Always interesting.

Of course I will do what I can to bring a new issue of my fanzine (hmm, and maybe in the process also write some locs to other fanzines...)

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