Wednesday, March 26, 2008

As others see us

If you ever read Ansible you are familiar with Dave Langford's ongoing collection of quotes about how the outside world percieves fandom: "As Others See Us".

I just found a sample of my own, from a list of Toronto's Literary Events:

And for the not-so-serious (young adult) reader, this weekend marks the annual Ad Astra conference, featuring sci-fi writers like husband-wife duo Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.

I'm going there. Does it mean that I belong among the "not-so-serious (young adult)" readers? Well, I'm not that old. And I'm not terribly serious all the time, despite my tendency to take myself a little to seriously. Still, I think those who put together this list share the unfortunate notion that fantastic literature is just escapistic and probably mostly for kids anyway -- partly true, but far from a complete picture and missing most of the interesting parts.

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