Sunday, January 27, 2008

I should read Michael Swanwick again

Yesterday I bought Year's Best SF 12. My husband noted that there is a story by Michael Swanwick in this collection, and we started talking about things we have read by him and why we haven't read anything by him for so long. I really think Swanwick is a good author, but I haven't read anything by him since "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur". I sort of lost the interest when it looked like he was so much into dinosaurs. I also always read too little short fiction, and so I miss almost everything he's been writing lately.

Michael Swanwick was the guest of honour at a convention we arranged in Uppsala in 1999 (long ago!). I was very impressed by his earrings, which always looked like they could hurt someone. I was also very impressed by his writing. At Interaction I listened to him talking about some of the exercises he went through to teach himself to write better, which made me curious about reading something by him again. (But dinosaurs? Well, I'm not sure why I'm not interested, but, well, it just seems a bit boring. I feel vaguely bad about this, since I remember being extremely fascinated by dinosaurs when I was six. I guess I lost something since then.) But I haven't.

Now I just found and listened to an interview where Michael Swanwick talks about his new novel The Dragons of Babel. It is set in the same world as Iron Dragon's Daughter, which is a novel I really, really liked.

I guess The Dragons of Babel is now on the list of extremely many books I would like to read some day.

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