Saturday, November 3, 2007

Engineering dreams

Sometimes I think I should have studied engineering, then I might have had better chances of actually doing some hardware work. Then again, probably not. Many engineers I know are much less interested in working with their hands than some people with purely theoretical background. So what is the secret to being included among those who get to actually hold a screwdriver now and then?

I hope to find the answer to this question soon. But I think that one of my problems is that I'm too nice and polite and just leave the lab when I'm told that there is nothing I can do there. I probably should hang around and get to know things (with the risk of being in the way or annoying people).

I seldom work with my hands at all nowadays, except maybe for replacing a lost button. I need a reason to do things, and I prefer to do things that others are interested in as well. Just wait until my daughter is old enough (soon!). I recently discovered Howtoons, and remember that I used to want kids to have someone to build fun things with. I might even build some electronic circuits with her one day!

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