Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New fanzine

A new fanzine from me is available at It's called Physicality of Words on Paper, since it's really meant to be printed. I made a few copies for the Fearless Fantasy meeting last week, but before submitting it to Bill Burns and his nice fanzine website I tried to correct the worst typos. It's still not the best fanzine I've ever made, but it works as a means of communication.

This first issue (I intend to make more in the future) contains LoCs I got to my oneshot Of Physicists and Fen two years ago. There are also some notes about differences between Sweden and Canada -- is Sweden more science fiction? -- reviews of the webzine Flurb #4, the fanzine Steam Engine Time #7 and Steampunk Magazine #2, and some random thoughts and information about me.

Now it's online. Download a PDF, realize that two column layout is no good for reading on screen, print it, read it, and then send me a comment! (Please be aware that I didn't really have time to make a fanzine but made it in little ten minute intervals I found here and there. No masterpiece. But still.)


Elliot said...

I liked it! I liked in particular the observations about Canada. Also, the review of Steampunk magazine made me nostalgaic for that genre.

Åka said...

I'm really glad you liked it! There will be more issues in the future.