Monday, September 24, 2007

Jim Munroe

As you might have noticed, I'm very fond of enthusiasts, of people who are doing things and of general do-it-yourself attitude. Because of this I have for a few years kept an eye on Jim Munroe's website. He is a writer with a punk attitude, who makes computer games and shows and other things. I have actually only read one book by him (Angry Young Spaceman), but I always intended to check out his other things -- and I might still do that :-)

I'm not sure what to think about the new graphic novel Therefore Repent, which Munroe says is his "take on the dark fantasy world established in the Holy Bible’s Book of Revelations". The description reminds me slightly of Hal Duncan's Vellum, only not exactly: "Bible slashfic, what with the bisexual angels and nipple-clamp-enhanced demonic communion". I'll have to check it out I guess.

I just realized that Jim Munroe lives in Toronto, which makes him a name on my list of Canadian authors which I intend to read during my year(s?) here.

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